One of the most important things a child can experience is outdoor play. Many of us grew up exploring farmyards or wooded ravines with nothing more than our imaginations and perhaps a friend or two. Free outdoor play taught us to take initiative and have fun without needing to be plugged in or programmed.

Today, children need contact with nature more than ever, and they need space to run wild in a way that’s safe but challenging, and most of all fun, with the prospect of wet feet and dirty faces after a hard day’s play. Nature shouldn’t have to be something we drive to in order to enjoy; instead, we want to honour and reclaim the natural spaces in our own neighbourhoods and city parks.

KW Forest School is a new initiative that aims to get more kids outdoors more often. Our staff are trained and experienced care providers with naturalist and primitive skills backgrounds. Our program incorporates both structured nature education and free play time. Our emphasis is on respecting ourselves, each other, and our plant and animal neighbours, as we mess around and have a blast.

Our programs run rain or shine, in all seasons of the year. We teach healthy risk-taking and hazard assessment, and we encourage children to develop resilience and problem-solving abilities when faced with a cold day or an accidental soaking in the creek.

KW Forest School exists to plant the seeds of lifelong relationships with the natural world, rooted in respect for all life and growing toward wholeness and happiness.