Taking Back Consumerism

Photo 10

I’d like to tell you about my new pets. I brought them home toward the end of summer, and now that winter is drawing near they’re a warm and cheering presence in our apartment. It’s strange how quickly some creatures can work their way into one’s heart, but it’s also beautiful. Continue reading

Elements of Bird Language


A few weeks ago I had the honour of hosting the Transition Families group again, this time in the woods of Victoria Park, Kitchener. The subject matter was understanding bird language in the environments we inhabit. Tips I’d picked up during Jon Young’s bird language weekend had already led me to an encounter with the Cooper’s Hawk that hangs out along the train tracks in that park, and I was excited to see if we could repeat the experience with a larger group. Continue reading

Reflections on People’s Climate March Waterloo

People's Climate March

A little over a week ago we took part in the biggest grassroots mobilization around climate change the world has yet seen. As international leaders began to gather in New York City for UN climate talks, 311, 000 people took to the streets of Manhattan to demonstrate their visions for a better world- three times the number forecast by the event organizers, 350.org. Continue reading

After the Rain


Early this morning I set out to discover what the rain had brought us the night before. We had heard the thunder and seen the terrific flashing of lightning from our windows, and I had wondered at the time whether my neighbours were managing to stay dry. Continue reading

Elements of Forest Living

Take a look at the tools in the picture above. Do you know what each of them is for? Any guesses as to the ones you don’t recognize? If you had to pick only a few to take with you into an extended stay in the forest, which would you choose? Continue reading