Want to bring a Forest School workshop to your class, home school group, or other event? Contact us at and we’ll develop an event that fits your group and outdoor location.

Here are a few workshops we’ve offered so far:

001Bird Language in Action (1 hour)

Birds are the eyes and ears of the forest, and if we learn to listen in on their conversation, we can pick up a lot more of what’s going on in the woods and see more wildlife as a result. This workshop introduces the basics of bird language through a series of active outdoor games for the whole family. Come prepared for games that will get you moving and learning on the wing. All ages, available Year-Round



Elements of Bird Language (2 hours)

A workshop for those with the ability to sit still and open their ears to the ancient art of bird language, a necessary skill set in all cultures that live close to the land. Through teaching games and periods of focused listening, participants will learn to map woodland soundscapes and gain insight into what birds can teach us about goings-on in the forest. Older children/youth and adults, available spring through fall



Stories in the Snow (1 hour)

In winter there are stories written in the snow, and we can learn to read them if we understand the language of footprints. This workshop uses active outdoor games to teach the elements of animal movement and winter tracking. Participants will come away with an enhanced ability to read tracks and imagine the stories of the animals who made them. All ages, available winter only



Elements of Forest Living (2 hours)

Why survive in the woods when nature offers so many tools for living in and enjoying the woods? This workshop introduces the elements of living the good life outdoors: fire, water, food, and shelter. Although mastering these skills can take a lifetime, participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the elements needed for human life, as well as the knowledge to begin practicing on their own. Can be adapted for specific age groups, available spring through fall


IMG_20141115_133234Forest Birthday Party (2 hours)

A way to celebrate your child by enjoying outdoor time together. We can offer a custom party tailored to your child’s age and interests, as well as the outdoor location of your choice. Past parties have involved shelter building and survival games in Waterloo Park. Contact us with your idea and we’ll work to create an event that will start your child’s year off with inspiration from the natural world. Children and youth, available year-round


One-on-One Mentoring

If your child qualifies for funding based on an intellectual or developmental disability, Dylan is available for one-on-one mentoring and support through Extend-a-Family Waterloo Region. Dylan has experience working with children on the autism spectrum individually and in an integrative summer camp setting. For more information and references, contact